Launch Angry Hipsters at their cultural stereotypes to defeat all that is mainstream. Unlock new hipsters along the way, each with their own ironic personality and obscure new ability. Throw on your favorite vintage v-neck tee and navigate through all 60 levels. You might even find a few bonus ones.

Familiar gameplay makes Angry Hipsters easy for anyone to pick-up and play. With similar mechanics to certain other highly popular titles, Angry Hipsters provides even more replay-value to the slingshot genre.

Built-in music discovery provided by The Hype Machine. The most respected service that any self-respecting hipster has on play 24/7.


-6 stages
-3 backgrounds
-60 levels
-10 bonus levels
-4 different hipsters
-Over 500 lines of dialogue
-Integrated Hype Machine music discovery

“The best game on the app store, until it goes mainstream…” -Gideon Rayntree

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